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7 Broadway Shows in 6 Days

In my concert, “Give My Regards to Broadway,” I share some personal stories about how this magnificent American art form has shaped my life. My first trip to Broadway came courtesy of my high school drama teacher and her husband.  In 1976, we saw 7 shows in 6 days: “The Fantasticks,” “Pippin’,” “My Fair Lady,” “A Chorus Line,” “Equus,” “The Wiz,” and “California Suite.” (And my hotel room cost $25, including tax, a day!)
What about you? Share some of your stories. What’s your favorite show and why? Have you ever been to a Broadway show in Manhattan?  This picture was taken 35 years later, outside the stage door to the Imperial Theatre where I saw Ben Vereen in “Pippin’.”  Share by submitting a comment below!


  1. Dean says:

    My first experience seeing a Broadway “show” on Broadway was because my High School drama teacher, Mrs. Matthews, thought it was important that I see Broadway if I wanted to be a performer. We saw — “Pippin”, “Raisin”, “A Chorus Line”, “A Moon for the Misbegotten”, “Irene”. It changed my life. And, typing about it here, brings it all — or at least most of it — back. We went both my Sophomore and Junior year of High School. I’m going to go back home and put a list together of all the Broadway musicals and plays we saw. The song “Electricty” from “Billy Elliot” sums up the experience. “I can’t really explain it. I haven’t got the words.”

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey, Dean Regan fans! Sarah (Dean’s assistant) here. Welcome to our “Cool Stuff” blog (we’re still trying to figure it out). I wanted to share with you my favorite Broadway/musical experience.

    When I was a senior in high school, my drama teacher decided to do “Anything Goes,” my favorite show, for our Spring Musical. It was a show that I’d been listening to since I was a young girl (my parents thought it was very important for me to listen to everything from Broadway to classic rock to jazz and all those in between!) and it had been my dream to one day, get up and sing Reno Sweeney’s songs in front of an audience. Well, after my audition, I knew that dream would come true. I got the role I’d always wanted and sang my heart out in front of three sold-out crowds (and got to wear about 8 amazing dresses to boot)!

  3. Catherine Cox says:

    New…and improved? Aw, how can you improve what’s already first rate?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for the comment on the website, Catherine! Got a story to share about your favorite trip to Broadway or your favorite experience with a Musical? Dean

  4. leslie welles says:

    I love the new site Dean. You’re even better than ever, which is saying alot! Much love, my friend –

  5. Dean Regan says:

    I’ve been rehearsing a new song “Dreamers” and it was amazing. Barry Kleinbort found it for me and we’ve put it into the “Give My Regards to Broadway” cabaret performances at The Metropolitan Room on March 26 and 27 at 7:00 pm. Want more info?

  6. Dean Regan says:

    Testing … one … two … three. Catherine and Leslie and Sarah. You are the three officially signed up for the blog. Please reply to this comment IF YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL ALERTING YOU TO THIS UPDATE.

  7. Dean says:

    Here we are in New York City premiering the cabaret version of GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY, directed by Barry Kleinbort with Musical Direction by Nick Fryman, Tom Hubbard on Bass and Donna Kelly on Drums. WHAT A DELIGHT (yes, I meant to “yell” there). The Metropolitan Room is a terrific venue and J.P. was an amazing sound technician. The evening was filled with wonderful people in the audience including Penny Fuller, Terry Ralston, Jamie D’Roy and Paula Kaatz (who flew in from LA!). This music is so uplighting and moving and it was a pleasure to share some anecdots from my journey as a performer with the crowd. Thanks, too, to the folks at the Metropolitan Room who were so accommodating!

  8. Larry says:

    Glad that you had a successful performance. I missed it as I am still in Florida. I wish that I had discovered the New York Broadway/cabaret scene before prices jumped sky-high. I do, however, get to check out the scene from time to time. I have seen you in performance before and you are a great talent!

  9. Dean Regan says:

    I don’t know that there is a way — in words — to let you all know how grateful and how moving you all are! The performances in NYC were filled with fans, friends and dear, dear family. In performance, there are times when you particularly feel a charge in the room. These performances has that “charge” in the room. They were electric and I am grateful to be able to share this amazing music with kindred spirits. This music brings great comfort. It is exciting, stimulating, provoking, challenging and simply delightful. I love the Broadway musical. And, I love the people who LOVE how the Broadway musical celebrates life.

  10. Dean Regan says:

    Tony Awards are coming:

    Check out the link above for news about the upcoming Tony award nominations (which will be released May 3). The Tony Awards are Sunday, June 12:

    THE 65th ANNUAL TONY AWARDS take place at the Beacon Theatre. The three-hour ceremony will be broadcast live (ET/PT time delay) on the CBS Television Network from 8:00 – 11:00 PM. The awards will be followed by the invite-only Tony Gala which will take place at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

  11. admin says:

    The reviews for the CD are coming in … people are beginning to purchase the CD … Give My Regards to Broadway is here! ( Boy, it is so fascinating and a little challenging to put your heart out there musically. It is wonderful to get to know perfect strangers through your creative work. And, it is delightful to see how people respond to the work. It’s going to be quite a ride. Thanks to all … the people who seek out this music and share my enthusiasm for what this music has to offer. I choose music which reflects so many different sides of who I am … the plaintive, the optimistic, the heart-worn and the just plain silly. What a good time. Thank you all.

  12. Dean Regan says:

    I’ve stumbled across an amazing website: This site combines reviews for Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. You can receive an email alert when all the reviews are in. Check it out.

    SPIDERMAN: Here’s the link to all the combined reviews for Spiderman.

    (Cut and Paste the following:

    Blog to let me know what you think about this site.

  13. Karen Keehan (Kruse) says:

    I am hearing all the ‘buzz’ about your New York show and the show coming up in Chicago. Wish I could be there. Best wishes for great success! Say ‘hello!’ to the old C.S. theater gang for me in Chicago. LOVE!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks, Karen! It’s a pretty exciting time. It would be lovely to have you there in person, but allow be to feel your presence and that of you beautiful family with me on stage. The show is — in many ways — a salute to our times at Carl Sandburg High. How important we all were to one another! And, still are in some very special ways. Love, Dean

  14. Dean Regan says:

    My own blog confuses me! Am I that far in the dark ages that I just don’t get where to put something down? I choose “Cool Stuff” ’cause … we’ll the Tony’s are coming up and the nominations are coming out and THAT’S COOL. May 1st check out And this year NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) is hosting. Okay, enough blogging. Now I’m going to prepare for rehearsals for DISSERTATION ON THE STATE OF BLISS.

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