Dean Regan - Living in Concert with Life!

You’ve been there. You wanted to be fully present – command the situation – but something held you back. And this has happened again and again.

Do you have consistent and unfettered access to the music of life that is your true core belief system?

Are you ready to make a concerted effort to access basic tools and exercise that will unleash your full potential so that you are “Living in Concert with Life”?


If your life feels too jam-packed with nonsense and your day is filled with discord. If you feel desperate for some fresh air in your life and question if your choices are bringing you the life you desire and deserve.

If you’re ready to uncover your own harmonious, special and specific answers to how to live the life of your dreams.

If you’re ready to dare LIVING IN CONCERT WITH LIFE! Then you’ve found the right place!

You’re already the perfect person. Working with you is why I was put on this earth.  We can be perfect partners as we work together to help you live in concert with life!

Nothing is more important to me than supporting people to be their highest and best self, first in and of themselves and then with every life they touch.  That’s what makes this world an even better place in which to live!


Driven by love of people and an inexhaustible desire to help them live harmonious and satisfying lives, I have brought my musical talents to stages all over the world (including Broadway and The White House).  Also a licensed Spiritual Counselor, my programs and insights combine music and core Spiritual values to ignite the power of your presence.

My philosophy and practice are driven by a love for people, a deep appreciation for music and creativity and the desire to explore and play with the energy of life.  That drive has brought me from the corn-fed Midwest work ethic to performing as an actor, singer and dancer on stages around the world, artistic producing as well as working with professionals and leaders in corporate America.

I’ve developed a life of possibility that uplifts me – even in the deep dark times.  My longing for connection with others and creative expression has brought me on a Spiritual journey that continues each and every day of my life

My life as a performing artist has organically informed my public speaking, events and concerts.  I use music to vibrate the Souls of the people in front of me – whether it’s one or 1,000.  I see the possibility in each individual and help them be their best self by providing inspirational tools to help make each day a gift.  I love what I do and I’m so grateful to wake up every morning and do it!


Sharing music, faith, wisdom and play together in my talks, events and concerts has proven to be the most uplifting adventure of my life. – Dean

When people hear that we use music in our events – and that I actually sing at points to communicate with the group — it raises eyebrows! Music is intrinsic to how I channel energy. Music’s vibration unravels our thoughts while it engages our emotions. Music makes our events even more enjoyable and helps the whole group grow more richly and deeply … and our LIVING IN CONCERT WITH LIFE! participants agree whole-heartedly.


Dean’s talks and events are gifts that he generously shares with his audiences, in harmony with the precision timing of a metronome. Dean is a mentor with honed skills and talents both as a speaker and an entertainer. Everything he does lives in concert with life!

Sabrina Johnson
Author of "How to Sit and Stay with Compassionate Meditation"

Juicy and Jubilant.

Talkin’ Broadway

Just like a great composer aligns a variety of notes to create a beautiful melody, Dean guides his clients to identify and live by the values that create an uplifting harmony throughout their lives.

Stacey Jill Zackin, PhD, MSW, PCC

Dean’s work has truly changed my life and that change continues to resound with me day-to-day. He is a magnificent performer, a dynamic speaker and a compassionate coach, authentic and deeply ethical. He has a gentle manner and a real sense of joy for life.

Chaplain Lynne Romanowski

A Smashing Success.

Los Angeles Philharmonic
Encore, BP Hall, Disney Concert Hall

My life is profoundly better for the lessons I have learned from Dean! I use his tools every day. Dean has boundless joy, creativity, wisdom, and spiritual discernment which are the great gifts he shares with his clients and audiences.

Gary Graham, R.Sc.P.

Dean has the highest integrity and is an insightful and compassionate human being. He has the great ability to give his complete attention to each person, while being incredibly intuitive and intelligent. Dean offers the kind of emotional safety and practical tools that are so important to anyone who is experiencing any type of life transition.

Jean Trebek, R.Sc.P.

A thrilling ride.

Los Angeles Times

Dean understands what you long to create. He is a powerful, creative ally, helping you align with your authentic presence so you can make the greatest impact.

Julie Baldwin
Author of "The Creative Heroine's Path"