Dean’s luscious studio recording “Give My Regards to Broadway” is enchanting ears everywhere!  Filled with the classic Broadway hits you love and the contemporary songs that are lighting up the stage, this CD is perfect for any lover of the Great White Way. CLICK HERE to read reviews. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY NOW


With so many amazing opportunities in life, some days can seem a little jam-packed.  So, I set aside private time each day (okay, most every day).  I sit quietly and breath.  When a tense or hurried thought enters my mind; I just focus on my breath. So take private time. With all that’s going on…

7 Broadway Shows in 6 Days

In my concert, “Give My Regards to Broadway,” I share some personal stories about how this magnificent American art form has shaped my life. My first trip to Broadway came courtesy of my high school drama teacher and her husband.  In 1976, we saw 7 shows in 6 days: “The Fantasticks,” “Pippin’,” “My Fair Lady,”…

J. Kelsay

Dean Regan’s voice cascades a scintillating pitch-perfect energy that waltzes adeptly between sultry and serene. He’s a charmer, and a first-class showman. J. Kelsay, CEO, Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN

J. Moore

Dean Regan is a “Method” singer … drawing from deep inside with each song…. His voice is surprisingly supple: at full voice big enough to ring the rafters in, say, the St. James theatre in New York without a microphone but can also be so quiet you can sometimes barely hear him with a mic.…