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The Sweetness of Oranges

Here in Southern California, our winters are filled with citrus. I am lucky enough to have a well-tended orange tree in my backyard and once February hits, oranges are literally falling from the sky. I get to enjoy the incredible bounty the tree provides – orange juice for breakfast, orange peels in the garbage disposal to freshen things up and whole oranges as a pick-me-up for even more energy. Loaded with vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants (just to name a few) and picked right from the tree, these delicious fruits help keep me feeling good throughout the winter, which is especially important in my line of work!

The bounty lasts until about mid-March, when the orange blossoms push out the fruit and give us something else to enjoy – their sweet scent in the Spring air.

What do you love most about the change from Winter to Spring? Leave us your comments below!

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