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Redmond on the Horizon

It’s getting warm in Southern California (we always miss the memo that February is supposed to be a cold month and skip right to the 80 degree weather) and I’m gearing up for an exciting Spring. First on my list is Redmond, Oregon on March 11th. I will be taking my musical director, Nick, on the road (er, the sky?) to Oregon, where we will be picking up a few more musicians (five more, to be exact!) and performing my show “Give My Regards to Broadway” at the Redmond Concert Association with a sextet! I always love working with the Midnight Blue Sextet (piano, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone and woodwinds) because of its magnificent sound and the creativity it inspires!

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Have you had any creative inspiration or challenges lately? I’d love to hear about them! Post your comments below.


  1. Dean Regan says:

    We’re so excited about these concerts in Redmond. Jay Jantzen and the Redmond CCA team are a truly wonderful and dynamic group of people. Jay and I have been talking about these shows for years and this weekend … WE’RE ON. Two unique things about these shows are that (1) there are two shows scheduled in one day and (2) we are playing both shows with a SEXTET. The music will be flowing.

    So, on a completely separate matter. Sarah and I would like to talk with more people on this blog. Is anybody out there? Are you “subscribed” … what do YOU want to talk about? Possible topics: Broadway, Standards, how the Arts have affected your Life? What. Let me know.

    1. Beverly Gasior says:

      Hi Mr. Regan,

      Thank you for taking us into another world on Sunday. I am terribly embarrassed that I said I didn’t know what to expect (Did I say that out loud?)

      What a magical tale you weave with your medleys, your voice, your athleticism, really just your very presence. I’ve never seen a grown man click his heels the way you did or perform contume changes on stage with such flourish.

      And I’m reliving the journey by listening to the exemplary CD of your work.

      Thank you for your graciousness in donating a portion of the proceeds of your CD sales to our local Redmond community. And also, thank you for your sincere kudos to the RCC Series.

      I hope Loie or Alyce got my message that the name we were trying to think of was “Wayne Brady.”

      You brightened my life, brought wonderful words like “dream” and “yes” and “defying gravity” to the fore. Merci, Merci, Merci, Monsieur Regan! Vous etre une dans les million! Keep on singing and dancing in the aisles! Votre amiee Toujours, Beverly

      1. Dean Regan says:

        Thanks for the wonderfully warm words of appreciation, Beverly! Yes, Jay mentioned that you had told him it was “Wayne Brady” we were trying to think of. “B” … my brain kept focusing on “B” … for the first name. It was “B” as in “Brady” for the last name. He’s a talented fellow!

  2. Dean Regan says:

    Today’s the day! The MIdnight Blue Sextet and I are all fired up for two shows at the Redmond Community Concert Association. These people are a dream to work with! The whole board has bent over backwards to support us in giving their audiences — who they care about deeply — the best possible show! Many thanks to Craig Unger (and his dog Tucker!), Aaron White, Jake White, Rod Thompson and Mark, Alyce Jantzen, Ray Jones, Jay Jantzen (for all the technical support) and our AMAZING Central Oregon Musicians: David VanHandel, Keemun Senff, Ted Burton, Dennis Senff, Tyler Cranor. And, as always to Nick Fryman who has been the musical director for all of our shows since 1996! Thanks, too, to Barry Kleinbort, Penny Fuller, Betty Buckley, Ross Kramer, Paula Kaatz. And for the support and inspiration of Frank McKenna who also serves as Executive Producer for Dean Regan in Concert.

  3. Dean Regan says:

    The whole trip to Redmond was amazing. After two melodious concerts on Sunday — with our rockin’ Midnight Blue Sextet — we did a school assembly for 500 (?) children at the Tom McCall Elementary School on Monday morning. It was DELIGHTFUL. Many thanks to Principal Drew Frank for all the hospitality … and the T-Shirts!

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