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Do you want to feel calmer, more positive, more energized and have a sense of more possibility?

Knowing what you believe … what you stand for … what brings you joy and purpose is imperative to an uplifted life.

How do you determine what you believe, what you stand for, what brings you joy and purpose?

WHAT DO YOU VALUE?  In countless meetings, seminars and workshops I have experienced the power of knowing what you value.  By knowing what you already value (you can value more than one aspect) you begin to align yourself with your Self.  I call this Living in Concert with Life!   First you have to understand that knowing your values is — at its most basic level — a physiologically balancing activity.   Do you want to feel balanced?  Do you want to have the simple tools to help you with each and every decision you make … big and small?

HOW DO YOU FIND OUT WHAT YOU VALUE?  The most effective way I have found to identify what you value is to find a quiet — 5-minute — place in your day, each day for 7 days.  During this 5-minute quiet time (your “Value Time”).  I review a listing of values and — with a pencil — I gently travel from word to word on the list … (gently .. this is not a race … this is quiet, powerful contemplation) … and circle those words that mean something to you, are important to you.  Perhaps “Love,”  perhaps, “Luxury,” perhaps “Peace,” perhaps “Certainty,” perhaps “Punctuality,” perhaps “Sexuality,” perhaps “Weirdness” (hey, think about it!  Some folks just don’t want to be like everyone else and being “Weird” is an uplifting and aligning value)!

HOW DO YOU FEEL WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU VALUE?  I feel and many have reported to me that they feel calmer, more positive, more energized, have a sense of more possibility.

DO YOU WANT TO FEEL CALMER, MORE POSITIVE, MORE ENERGIZED AND HAVE A SENSE OF MORE POSSIBILITY?  If you would like to feel calmer, more positive, more energized and have a sense of more possibility … send me an email at and I’ll send you a list of values that you can you in your quest to clarify what you value.

I believe that each of us brings a very special Spirit to our world. When we know what that gift is and make our choices based on that awareness we are living our life in Alignment — in Concert — with that Spirit. My mission is to work with people who believe that life can be a joyous and uplifting experience — even with the muck.  My work provides simple, repeatable tools imbedded in uplifting, inspiring and invigorating events to help my clients to Live in Concert with Life! – Dean Regan, R.Sc.P

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