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A Dissertation on the State of Bliss

I am so excited.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a side project; a show entitled “A Dissertation on the State of Bliss.” I’m working with some amazing people – Jack Moore devised and directed the piece, with Musical Direction by Charlie Creasy. It’s the first act of a night entitled “2 Acts in Two Acts.” The music is exquisite and the character is someone I can sink my teeth into.

I play Hero Richardson, a man who takes refuge in a bar (and in his favorite Brandy) after the love of his life leaves him.

When I first started exploring this character, I thought he was the very antithesis of who I was. I thought we were nothing alike, that we made different choices and had different ideas about love. This character comes to life through a seemingly unrelated selection of songs. And as the show goes on, we realize that the songs are more connected than we originally thought. We meet Hero at the lowest point in his love life but he hides it quite well. But there he is, at this bar, with his brandy, trying to come to terms with how he can heal this tremendous hurt he’s going through. And by the end of the show, he’s made his choice.

And I realized that, while the choices Hero and I make wouldn’t necessarily be the same, I can relate to his flaws. And I can relate to the loneliness he feels. We’ve all been in a place where we’re surrounded by people, sometimes they’re strangers, sometimes they’re people we love, people who love us, and we feel alone and isolated. He tries to avoid the pain he’s going through and I can understand that.

This project is a creative, artistic endeavor and I’ve really enjoyed working on it. I’ve really enjoyed spending time in this character’s world. And I’m excited to share it with you!

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  1. Les Michaels says:

    Cannot wait to see this show!

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